Realtor Safety

DMAAR REALTOR® Safety Communication Plan

May 8, 2018

Communication Plan

The DMAAR board has created a "Potential Safety Threat" communications channel and protocol for the dissemination of information in a uniform and controlled channel to allow for rapid dissemination of potentially critical information while minimizing unnecessary creation of fear, and providing a filter for unnecessary notifications that dilute future important messages.

Proposed "Safety Notifications Team": SNT 

  • Current DMAAR President

  • Current Safety Chair(s)

  • Staff:  Cindy Pelz & Josh Porter

DMAAR Safety Mobile Text Alert App 213-263-3553 and the email


Suspicious Activity or Notification of Lewd, Inappropriate, or Suggestive activity by an individual

Example 1: Prospects viewing multiple properties while refusing to be Identified and only requesting female agents. 

Example 2: Call to agent with offensive or suggestive language

Example 3: Suspicion of Theft from a listing, or repeated suspicious, lewd or suggestive activity by an individual.

Agent or Broker should call local law enforcement

Agent or Broker should send a text message to 213-263-3553 and a full detailed email to  

SNT to Take the following Actions: 

  • Contact authorities if appropriate.

  • Email board members (broker and agents) with notification of suspicious activity and request further information from Realtors® on any other similar activity. 

  • Text Message to all members notifying them of Potential Danger and to read email notification. 

  • Provide follow up info to members by email as new info becomes available. 


Notice of Direct Threat or Direct Danger to Realtors® 

Example: Direct Threat, Attempted Assault, or Attempted/Intended Act with Malicious Intent

Agents and Brokers should immediately call 911 if an immediate threat or crime has been committed and/or if they feel they are in imminent danger. In order for the board to disseminate pressing info to its members, Agents and Brokers should then immediately notify the SNT by sending a text message to 213-263-3553 and a full detailed email to  

SNT to take the following actions: 

  • Notify authorities of threat or danger

  • Email all board members (brokers and agents) 

  • Text all board members (brokers and agents) 

  • Provide follow up info to members by email as new info becomes available, and or by text system if imminent danger or threat continues or escalates. 

Note: In the event of an inappropriate call, agents are encouraged to dial *57 immediately after the caller hangs up in order to help lock in the dialer’s information for future police investigation (if necessary).