Code of Ethics Complaint

REALTORS® adhere to a strict code of ethics that requires fair and ethical business practices in all real-estate transaction related matters. The code of ethics is enforced by DMAAR. The Iowa Association of REALTORS® provides enforcement and mediation assistance to DMAAR in the form of a professional standards hearing and/or assistance from IAR legal counsel. Click here for the link to the 17 Articles to the Code of Ethics.  

If you know of a REALTOR® that is not practicing his or her business in a fair and ethical manner, please fill out the the following ethics complaint form, click here.


Buyers and Sellers guide to Mediation sponsored by DMAAR in cooperation with the District Court Mediation Program.  Contact the Program Coordinator,  Justice Center, 222 5th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309.  515-286-2140.  

Buyer-Seller Agreement to Mediation

Seller-Buyer Guide for Initiating Mediation

Request to Initiate Mediation-transmittal form

Dispute Resolution System (DRS) -brochure

Mediation Rules and Procedures-brochure