grievance committee

The function of the Grievance Committee is to review complaints brought in either ethics or arbitration cases to determine whether or not an actual case exists.To hear evidence of alleged violation of one or more of the Articles of the Code of Ethics, specifically stated or of a dispute between two or more members arising from a common transaction involving the rendering of a real estate service to determine if sufficient cause exists for a hearing by the Professional Standards Committee.

The function of the Grievance Committee is to make only such preliminary investigation and evaluation of the complaint as required determining whether validity and substance of the complaint warrants further consideration by a Hearing Panel of the Professional Standards Committee.  The Grievance Committee does not conduct “hearings”.


Committee Members

Jim Calvert Michelle Renken  
 Heather Carey  Karla Roush  
 Jenn Clark  Jenifer Schrag   
 Mike Counts   Jamie Smith  
 John Dunn  Clarke Stewart  
 Matt Greene  Scott Wendl  
 Ann Kellogg    
 Shawn Macey