Legislative Grass Roots Committee

Monitor statewide legislation and establish proactive agenda based on Statement of Policy.  Provide information and classes regarding laws, rules, and regulations affecting real estate industry including changes in the Articles and Standards of Practices of the NAR Code of Ethics.

Many of the committee members attend local city council meetings and will bring forth information that may deem harmful or helpful for the public, protecting their personal property rights.  The function of this committee may change from year to year under the guidance of the President.


Committee Members 


Amanda Knight Lisa McDonald
 Andy Goodall Lori Brezina 
 Cal Woods Maria Vega
 Candence Linville  Matt Connolly 
 Char Klisares  Matt Mauro 
 Cliff Morris  Michelle Engler
 Dan Rivenburgh Mike Counts
 Danny Ivankovich  Mike Hamilton
 Don Godwin   Nick Scar 
 Dorrance Brezina   Ryan Rivera 
 Janis Robinson  Robin Polder 
 Jerry Corbin  Sara Pesek 
 Jessica Goolsby Scott Wendl 
 Jim Ellingson  Shanna Clark 
 John Knox Scott Seyler   Tammy Sparks
 John Lacey  Ted Weaver  
 John Stark
 Julie Baulder   
 Kelly Wilkins   
 Larry Pickering  
 Linda Westergaard   
 Lisa Howard