2018 Annual Banquet

What an evening, what a show! If you weren't there then you missed out! 24 Unit award recipients, those were members who closed 50 or more units in 2017-click on the list and check them out!  122 Volume award recipients were recognized for volume of $10,719,500 million or greater-complete list is there.  3 Rookies were also recognized at the banquet, they did volume of $7,503,650 million or greater in the first full 12 consecutive months.  More than 620 attendees rounded out the evening.  Some great video's were prepared for the  banquet.  14 Platinum Sponsors joined in on some Carpool Karaoke, REALTOR of the Year was announced. 

Watch how the hosts made their way to the banquet, click on the video below. 

Unit Award Winners

Volume Award Winners

Banquet Photos

Realtor of the Year Video

RPAC Video

Carpool Karaoke Video

Getting to Banquet Video